Amy Dachs Creative represents world artists, luxury design products, fashion collections and entertainment arts, curated individually and collectively, blurring the borders between them.

We create compelling narratives to market and inspire professional awareness, public insight and multi-channeled sales for art forms and design brands that break with the predictable, as cultural stories for the world stage.

Founded in New York City, 2000, the agency promotes premier art and design. Visionary style is advocated in textiles, furnishings, art and lifestyle brands for U.S. and European clients. Our world-wide reach identifies and expands a global community of talent.

Knowing that synthesis of disparate art forms inspires beauty, purpose and concord, we provide new ways of projecting products, fine art and creative initiatives for clients that develop new audiences. Art, design, aesthetics and style are positioned interdependently, curated as an integral experience with a common thread of integrity and imagination.

Amy Victoria Dachs is a selected member of the Instituto Amedeo Modigliani Concept Board, Rome, Italy. An invited delegate of the Italian Trade Commission, she assessed Italian textile mills for global marketing potential. Amy consults and lectures internationally on art, design and fashion, including The Art & Antiques Fair/House & Garden Festival, London. She is based in Los Angeles, California.

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